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St Peter Damian said lack of fear of the Lord and His last judgment leads to prelates going astray

Secularists want to have the monument destroyed for violating the separation of government and religion

The Pope told the servers to aspire to become saints

The Catholic University of America and Fordham University expressed their sympathy with the ‘pain’ of survivors

A news outlet reported that 48 seminarians complained of ‘gravely immoral situations’ at the national seminary

The contraceptive mentality allows men to think of women as objects, said Fr Wojciech Giertych

The Indian Church has condemned the idea as ‘absurd’ and ‘ignorant’

Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, Texas called for his ‘prompt reduction’ to the laity

The plan aims to bring the Church in line with Chinese culture

The Supreme Court ruled that food and drink can be removed from patients in a vegetative state if doctors and families are agree