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The panel would consist of fellow bishops and report its finding to Rome, the cardinal suggested

Irish ministers are stepping their criticisms of Church teaching ahead of the World Meeting of Families

Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya said he has ‘other things to do’

The Religious in the Nuba Mountains, southern Sudan, were ordered to evacuate by their bishop. Seven years on, their mission continues

Prayers and apologies are ‘necessary, but not sufficient’, Bishop Doherty said

Bishop Olmsted said he was appointed to help preserve the unity of the Ruthenian Catholic Church

Cardinal Ladaria said the change does not contradict previous Church teaching

The Archbishop of Dublin said it would be ‘great’ if a meeting could be arranged but that ‘time is very tight’

The Bishop of Harrisburg also ordered the names of former bishops to be removed from buildings

It is never compassionate to remove food and drink to cause death, Bishop John Wilson said