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The Anglican philosopher, recently appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life, has supported abortion up to 18 weeks

The Vatican said the talks focused on the need for the international community to combat poverty, hunger, terrorism and climate change

“What they have witnessed was incredibly shocking. Television and media can only touch on it.”

The cardinal said that omitting Jesus’s ‘hard sayings’ is not charitable

Bishop Sapieha became a model for how clergy should live under tyrannical Communism

Avraham Steinberg has approved of abortion in some cases, while Fr Maurizio Chiodi says contraception may be permissible

Fingerprints of the accused had been found on the glass case protecting the reliquary

Catholics across the world celebrated the feast on its traditional day

The director of the bishops’ parliamentary office said Catholics face ‘alarming levels of intolerance’

Parishioners in Louisiana pray for Steve Scalise, a Republican congressman and member of the parish who was shot by a lone gunman