Tim Farron resigns amid conflict over faith

What happened?

Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has stepped down after saying that, as a Christian, it was impossible to do his job. “To be a political leader – especially of a progressive, liberal party in 2017 – and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible’s teaching, has felt impossible for me,” Farron said.

Farron had come under pressure over his views on abortion and homosexual acts. His opinions seemed to change back and forth, provoking confusion.

What the British media are saying

The Anglican philosopher John Milbank observed: “This is now a country where a politician can follow without disgrace Ayn Rand, who thought that morality was for wimps, but not Jesus Christ.”

At CapX, Andrew Lilico wrote: “To believe that gay sex is not wrong is to not be a Bible-believing Christian … And if we feel we cannot have either Bible-believing Christian or Muslim political leaders, can we really claim, with a straight face, to be a liberal society at all?”

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