Don’t jump to conclusions on Medjugorje

SIR – A few points regarding the letter on Medjugorje from DP Collins (June 2). First, he speaks of Our Lady as having “appeared” there since 1981. But this is to presume that she is actually appearing, which is far from certain, despite the latest information regarding Medjugorje in the report from the Cardinal Ruini Commission.

Fr Salvatore Perrella, a member of this commission, was interviewed recently and said that the “commission did not make a definitive pronouncement”. The commission is, in fact, just an advisory body. And Fr Perrella further noted that the facts about Medjugorje are so complex “that the Pontiff is free to conduct a further investigation”. So that is the context in which Pope Francis’s negative words about Medjugorje have to be understood.

In any event, regardless of the number of bishops or cardinals who have been to Medjugorje, or the number of lay people, or the alleged good fruits – some of which are genuine – these things do not determine the actual process of discernment. Likewise with regard to the private views of Pope John Paul II.

Ultimately, it is not a question of thinking that it is impossible that all these people could be deceived – numerous examples from history show that such a thing is actually very possible – but rather of acknowledging that human machinations, or even diabolical ones, may be at the root of Medjugorje.

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