Jesus would have agreed with Corbyn

SIR – In his Notebook (May 5), Stephen Daisley of the Scottish Daily Mail dismisses Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as “a glorified protest group” and “a lurch into extremism”. I wonder how many of the MPs who deserted Corbyn did so at least partly because they saw enough media moguls had high stakes in making him unelectable.

If Jesus Christ himself came back to earth as leader of the Labour Party and was asked if, as prime minister, he would order the use of nuclear weapons, does any Catholic really believe Jesus would say yes? Or might he reply, like “extremist” Jeremy: “It is an extraordinary question when you think about it – would you order the indiscriminate killing of millions of people? Would you risk such extensive contamination of the planet that no life could exist across large parts of the world?” And then? As now, the powerful of this world would scoff and ridicule and crucify him.

It seems likely Mrs May will win the election. If Brexit turns out to be no rose garden, at least we will be spared the Conservative chorus of how different it would have been in their strong and stable hands. Let the Tories have their poisoned chalice. As one of Mr Daisley’s moderate Labour voters, I applaud Jeremy Corbyn and very many of his manifesto policies and principles, and hope voters will show that they do too, even if we must wait till next time for a Labour election victory.

Yours faithfully,

Sister Rachel Duffy FCJ


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