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This week I interviewed Samuel Gregg following his cover story on the decline in secular influence in France.

Samuel writes: “Given French politics’ hitherto decidedly secular character, there was always going to be a backlash from across the political spectrum against Fillon’s stance. What has been truly noteworthy, however, is the sheer feebleness of this reaction.”

Is the secular left losing its power and influence on France? Is the Church becoming more vocal in the national debate? I spoke to Samuel Gregg to find out more:

0:57: A short history of France’s attitude to speaking about faith in public

3:59: Is Fillon’s willingness to talk about God politically risky?

7:22: Why are French voters turned off by Government agendas concerning sexuality and gender?

10:11 France and the family

11:35 What is Francois Fillon’s attitude to Islamic extremism?

14:50 Is Francois Fillon going to pull out of the presidential race?