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Virginia Rounding’s account of Henry VIII’s sadism is unremittingly gory but scholarly and well-written, says Simon Caldwell

Evidence suggests pregnancy rates fell sharply in those areas where budgets were most aggressively cut

Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, is reportedly looking into the case

The Brothers of Charity are to permit euthanasia in their psychiatric care centres

Anyone who uses modern technology benefits from bloodshed, says Congolese rector

Fr Pat Browne says MPs and peers were ‘very shaken’ following the attack on Wednesday

The case will be examined by Dutch prosecutors to see if a crime has been committed

Lord Alton says the British Government should do more to bring a halt to the persecution of Pakistani Christians

A court has approved the withdrawal of fluids from a man in a stable but minimally conscious state

Mother Marie Adele Garnier claimed she saw a consecrated host bleed in the hands of a priest