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Alfie died on April 28 after doctors turned off his life-support

‘Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents’ claimed Fr John Gerard knew of the Gunpowder Plot

The Medical Ethics Alliance said the refusal to allow Alfie Evans to travel to Italy for treatment was ‘medical tyranny’

Nearly 400 nurses condemned a possible move by their own union to back ‘decriminalisation’ of abortion

In a strongly-worded pastoral letter, the bishop called on Catholics to ‘mobilise’ and ‘speak out’

A misguided act of mercy for the few has become a right for the many

Under government plans, people’s organs could be taken from them unless they specifically opt out

Aurelia Brouwers was physically fit but wanted to end her life due to mental illness

The number of dementia patients killed by euthanasia has risen fourfold over the past five years

Belgian nurses say the country’s growing euthanasia culture is in ‘complete contradiction’ to their training