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This week our editor Luke Coppen reveals the new cost of the Catholic Herald magazine and we report on the women who are suing the NHS after their babies survived abortion. Meanwhile Fr Mark Drew explains why the first Briton to serve as the Vatican’s ‘foreign minister’ has a remarkable personality and Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith calls on Catholics to celebrate the Syllabus of Errors.

Synod Fathers urge faithful to ‘walk with us towards the next synod’ in 2015

This week we bring you all the latest detailed coverage on the Extraordinary Synod on the Family and the Italian priest based in Clerkenwell, London who was suddenly recalled to Rome. Fr Ignatius Harrison explains why we should all pray for John Henry Newman’s canonisation, Alfred Searls reveals which creppy classic has been reborn thanks to Pope Francis and Mary Kenny reminds us that public displays of affection are not a human right. Why not try our appetiser deal? 6 issues for £6.

In this week’s Catholic Herald we have full coverage of the first week of the synod on the family, including a report on the opening Mass and Edward Pentin’s Vatican notebook. Fr Andrew Pinsent explores the life of Bishop Walter de Merton, while John Duddington calls on Catholics to join the great British debate over human rights. Elsewhere Luke Coppen interviews campaigner for solid cathechesis Daphne McLeod and Janet E Smith argues Paul VI was a revolutionary pontiff in the mould of Pope Francis. In Arts and Books, Will Gore recommends ’71, a dark and thrilling new drama set in the Troubles, and Jack Carrigan reviews the moving memoir of a Robben Island prison officer. Why not try our appetiser deal? 6 issues for £6.

In this week’s Catholic Herald we have a full report on our interview with Bishop Kieran Conry following his resignation. UKIP MEP Margot Parkers tells Mary O’Regan about the party’s strong Catholic contingent, Fr Mark Drew reveals what Francis is really up to at the Vatican and Patrick West explains why the standards of the Middle Ages make us look uncivilised. Why not try our appetizer deal? 6 issues for £6.

Print Edition: August 22nd

This week we bring you in-depth coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to Korea including his beatification of 124 South Korean martyrs. Meanwhile, Dr Amal Marogy tells Bess Twiston-Davies about her mission to save the ancient Christian culture of Iraq, Mgr Keith Newton explains why he is wooing Anglicans longing for unity and Mary Kenny reveals why Thomas Aquinas is the expert on cannabis. Why not try our Catholic Herald 6 issues for £6 special appetiser deal?

In the Catholic Herald this week we bring you an exclusive report on the rise in Dominican vocations, the latest attempts to curb pro-life activism on university campuses and Edward Pentin reports on the author who claims Pope Francis has saved the Vatican. Meanwhile Mary O’Regan speaks to Bishop-elect Kevin Doran and Timothy Stanley explains why Hollywood is turning back to God. Madeleine Teahan reveals Pope Francis’s unlikely celebrity fans, Will Heaven advises Pope Francis’s critics and Stuart Reid explains why he is making a Left turn. To receive six issues for just £6 click here.

This week we bring you exclusive eye-witness accounts of the papal canonisations from Sky broadcast journalist Colin Brazier, Dame Joanna Bogle and Jo-Anne Rowney. We also include full reports on the ceremony itself and Pope Francis’s homily along with a brilliant canonisation cartoon from cartoonist and author, Simone Lia. We also have in-depth coverage on the new Archbishop of Liverpool and his sermon at his installation Mass on the Feast Day of St Joseph the Worker. Alicia von Stamwitz interviews theologian Jean Vanier and Robin Harris explains why the Church can’t resist the whims of modernity by itself. Also, Fr David Forrester asks if Isabella the Catholic was really a saint and Quentin de la Bédoyère exposes the sadism in practical jokes.