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Donald Trump to address Washington March for Life

The President will address the march via satellite link

Donald Trump to address Washington March for Life

The President will address the march via satellite link

Nicola Sturgeon ‘appropriate’ choice for Cardinal Winning Lecture, bishop says

Critics say the decision to invite her is ‘shameful’, given her support for abortion

‘Buffer zones’ could force Canadian March for Life to change route

The march traditionally passes in front of at least one clinic

Christians should ‘convert to ecumenism’, cardinal says

Cardinal Koch said the Church needs a ‘self-evangelisation that includes conversion’ to the ecumenical cause

Missile alert prompts Hawaii bishop to give rare ‘general absolution’

Bishop Larry Silva gave the absolution after Hawaiians received a false alert about a ballistic missile attack

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Bishop accuses BBC of ‘pro-abortion bias’

Bishop John Keenan criticised the BBC’s coverage of Maria Caulfield

10,000 petition Cardinal Sarah over ‘inadequate’ digital organ in St Peter’s Basilica

The petition says the organ ‘awkwardly tries to imitate’ a real instrument ‘without succeeding in any way’

Ealing Council moves closer to banning prayer vigils outside abortion clinics

The council will begin an eight-week consultation on the proposal later this month

Dolores O’Riordan ‘took a lot of influence from her spirituality’, bishop says

The Cranberries singer spoke frequently about her Catholic faith

Pope Francis meets survivors of clerical sexual abuse

Pope Francis held a private meeting with survivors during his visit to Chile

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Liberalism is the child of Christianity. So why are Catholics turning against it?

In our age of extremes, some Catholics seem eager to attack liberalism. The implications are worrying

We should force criminals to confront their moral failings

A former prison psychiatrist condemns the culture of ‘therapy’ around rehabilitation

Churchill’s cardinal: why Arthur Hinsley deserves to be better known

As the war hung in the balance, Cardinal Hinsley urged Churchill to carry on fighting Hitler

Three months after the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, her voice is still important

Since her murder, ‘DCG’ has been deservedly hailed as a heroic journalist

Bishop Egan: Why churches should stay unlocked and open to all

A locked church deprives people of a chance to visit the Lord

The extraordinary power of a 500-year-old arm

St Francis Xavier’s arm is touring Canada

It’s time for the monks to hand over control of Downside

As on old boy, I think we must face up to the dismal truth about the school

Our faith grows when we stop sentimentalising God

The false concept of a ‘nice God’ is a ‘constant temptation to tame the divine’

If there is one reform the Church needs, it’s an end to clerical authoritarianism

Anger and condemnation from superiors can breed division. But better systems of accountability could help

Blessing same-sex couples won’t save the German Church

Catholicism cannot be reinvented as if from a clean slate in every generation

St Augustine teaches us how to think about Catholic strategy in a liberal era

The saint’s writings can help Catholics to judge regimes as more or less ideal

Liturgy and sexuality: the battle over Paul VI

Liberals will welcome his canonisation as a celebration of liturgical reforms. However, there’s one big obstacle.